Thursday, September 01, 2005


Renee just told me gas by the house is $3.49. We have a little car, a 2002 Beetle that we love, but it's settled. As soon as our lease is up, we're getting a hybrid. My brother-in-law just bought the Prius and I don't understand why every car isn't designed this way. It looks the same, rides as comfortably, has just as much pick-up and runs quieter. When you get to a light, the car goes on stand-by until you hit the gas pedal. And there's a digital display in the dash that measures your mileage as you go. On the highway, it was 99 miles to the gallon!

In short, it's exactly what you'd expect a 21st century car to be. Honestly, there is no reason why cars aren't completely electric. It seems like the hybrid is just a concession to the oil companies. You know, the ones charging us $70 to drive to work.


The wife said...

It is a 2003 Beetle and the Prius really gets about 55/gallon on the highway.

None the less, it is a MUCH better option!!!!

monica said...

finally, i can post!!! it actually WAS 99 on the highway- once you're cruising & don't need the gas to kick in, it's 99- it's insane. 50-something is the average.