Wednesday, September 14, 2005

My comics still exist!

When I got out of college and my band broke up, all I wanted to do was become a comic book writer. I was tremendously shy (still am if I don't know you) but I managed to get a number of proposals into the hands of Marvel and DC editors. No work came from the big guys but the boom was happening and soon everyone was publishing books. Including my boss at the comic book store.

I wrangled some copy editing assignments and scripting chores for "Horseman" which lasted about four issues. I did three. From there, my friend Rich Kelly got me a job creating a comic for an action figure. We did "A.D.A.M.", a six page promotional book and that led to a series. A series of one issue. They pulled the plug almost immediately and by the time I saw the figure in a local toy store, it was bittersweet.

Anyway I was wandering around Mile High Comics when I found them all! Here's Horseman and here's A.D.A.M.. Here's the promo comic for A.D.A.M..

I had figured I'd do a couple more years in the indie scene and then graduate to the majors, hopefully tackling Batman or the Fantastic Four. Funny thing about booms. They're always followed by busts. Suddenly, I was out of work. Times were bad all around. I know someone here at Ogilvy who was working for Marvel at the time of the crash. Things were just as tough for him. Luckily, making friends at conventions and working on the action figure got me a job at Art Asylum which turned my whole career around. I'll talk about those guys another time.

Anyway all my books are still for sale. And more importantly, they're all still cover price. Nice to know your work hasn't been dumped into the clearance bin. Someday I'd love to revive my comic career. I'd also like to make a million dollars playing guitar but you play the hand you're dealt.

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