Thursday, September 15, 2005

Project Starfish

Renee and I have been trying to figure out whom to donate money for New Orleans. I don't trust the Red Cross anymore. Not after they bought new phones with 9/11 money.

Mark Evanier is linking to Operation USA so I have faith in that organization. But Renee just told me about a brand new effort called Project: Starfish. They're a Boston organization committed to sheltering animals and finding them homes. They're in New Orleans now coordinating the rescue effort for the abandoned animals.

As I posted before, these dogs and cats break my heart. They're victims of the hurricane as much as any human. Maybe more because they have no idea what happened to their homes and the people they love. Many of their owners are frantically trying to reunite with their pets but just as many can't. I'd love to see every animal go back to its rightful family but if not, at least they can go to new families that will love them.

If you've been thinking about adopting a dog or a cat I can't think of any better place than right here. Renee and I will be donating money to help keep the little guys fed and warm until someone comes to claim them.

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Anonymous said...

I like the background on this organization too; my friend forwarded me the following:

They chose the name, "Project Starfish" because they appreciate the moral of the following story:
A Buddhist monk was on the beach with his apprentice the day after a fierce storm. Thousands of starfish had been washed up and were stranded on the shore. Stooping down, the monk carefully lifted a single creature and returned it to the sea and safety. His young disciple wondered aloud why his master bothered to do this when it made little difference to the mass of helpless creatures. As they walked along, the monk picked up another single starfish and gently replied "It makes a difference to this one" as he returned it to the sea.