Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Little Buddy

So Gilligan's dead. It's been that kind of week.

I'll admit I haven't seen an episode of Gilligan's Island since college. I'll also admit it was pretty dopey. There was a giant spider in one that didn't look real at all. You can't get telepathic powers from eating sunflower seeds. Growing radioactive vegetables will not give you super powers. The Phil Silvers episode was a waste of a great talent. 'The Mosquitos' were a rip-off of 'the Monkees' who were a rip-off themselves. You can't make a coconut cream pie when the only ingredient you have is a coconut. That radio would have run out of batteries eventually.

But when I was a kid? You couldn't pull me off that show. I watched it over and over again until our tv caught fire. Literally. Ah, seventies technology. You were all based on tubes and humming and making things very very hot.

Bob Denver was always an interesting guy but never one you could lock down. Wasn't he arrested five years ago for buying pot for Maryann? Didn't he do a Simpsons? Wasn't he on 'Dobie Gillis'? Wasn't he the last living male from the cast? I'm sure the answers to all of these are yes but I can't prove it. Ah, well. Add him to the list of people I would have wanted to meet.


murphy said...

The Monkees rule!

Nesmith was a good songwriter and guitarist, Jones a britpop icon, Dolens had okay pipes and was funny, and Tork, well Tork was the hippie.

And Neil fucking Diamond wrote for them!

You only need to put 4 words on Bob Denver's tombstone...

"far out space nuts"

Jon Clarke said...

No one's arguing the quality of the Monkees. I loved the Monkees. I wanted to be a Monkee. I'm still trying.

But the fact remains is the Gilligan's Island couldn't afford them and came up with Bingo, Bango, Bongo and Irving.

Thanks for stopping by Bryan! I linked your site which is awesome. Please feel free to do the same.

NC-JC said...

he died at Wake Forest U hospital. It wasn't my fault however.