Monday, August 12, 2013

Guitar for sale!

Hate to do it but I'm selling this guitar. It's a 1999 Rickenbacker 360 modified and customized by Rickenbacker genius Mark Arnquist. The finish on the rosewood fingerboard has been sanded down so it feels like a Gibson 360 with single coils. Plays like a dream. A good dream. Not a zombie vampire dream.

So why not keep it? It's been a slow work year and the mortgage keeps coming. With a second child on the way, this would do more good paying a bill than sitting in the corner in its case unplayed.

So why not play it? Because I have too many guitars. And my band plays music that works better for a Fenders and Gibsons which I currently play the hell out of. I also own a 12 string Rickenbacker with vintage toaster pickups. That's the sound I really love. You can't have that one. 

Want it? Go to Stonegrove Guitars and make them an offer!