Monday, November 21, 2005

Wedding Ideas

As I've said before, the groom should pick five things in the wedding that are his ideas alone. He will get LOTS of pressure to back down, but he must stand firm. Good things will happen if he is pure of heart.

I picked the music. We talked to a dj on the phone and I mentioned to him that I had made a playlist for the wedding.

'Well we usually do about 50 songs through a reception.'
'How many songs have you got?'

There was editing to be done.

The next thing I tackled was the 'save the date' card. The invitation would be formal, but the 'save the date' could be anything I wanted. I worked with my good friend Rich Kelly and we were very happy with the result. Renee thought it was great until it was time to send them then got cold feet. I persisted and it went out. I still think it's a huge breakthrough in 'save the date' technology:

I had some say in the venue and food. A top shelf open bar was a no-brainer to me but it still found itself caught in deliberation. Renee brought me my final idea. She had found a place that did custom fortune cookies. You could write whatever you wanted on the fortunes.


Renee was thinking our names and the date. I wasn't. Brian and I sat down and cranked out headline after headline. The confusion on people's faces when they opened the cookies was a joke worthy of Andy Kaufman. I still want to do something else with these cookies. Here's the full copy deck:

Your lucky numbers are 7,7,7,7,7, and 7
Try to remember this.

Happiness is a smile away.
And a smile is three drinks away.

I'm a piece of paper.
What do you want from me?

Did you lock the car?

Cold is nothing but the absence of heat.
And don't let nobody tell ya different.

Remember when Coach on 'Cheers' died?
Man, that was sad.

You will sing the theme song to a show you hate.

Renee and Jon got married today.
Well, what do ya know?

A bird in the hand is worth 2.75
According to the Dow Jones.

This fortune comes from a broken home.

You've earned three wishes for releasing me.
Wait, wrong superstition. You get nothing.

I'm actually safer to eat than the cookie.

You will grow rich writing fortunes.

Dewey will beat Truman.

You will soon eat a fortune cookie.

Beware of the...Well, you'll find out.

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MO'SH said...

Well, it's not often the "Devourer of Worlds" invites one to a wedding. Really enjoyed the fortune cookies, uh, fortunes. I see Qner all over it.