Thursday, November 03, 2005

Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job.

Why are all of George W.'s nicknames so demeaning?

Anyway according to emails the head of FEMA sent during Katrina, the whining never stopped for a minute. I've never seen such an amazing lack of tact in my life. Incompetance, sure. Cronyism, definitely. Laziness, uh-huh. Resentment in the face of being shaken out of laziness, absolutely. But sarcastic comments like "Can I go home now?" and "Sorry I'm not a superhero who could lift the entire city of New Orleans out of danger" just reek of no one telling this guy what to say. I thought that was unheard of in this day and age. But I guess if you're the one taking the fall, they're not going to send you a p.r. staff to do it.


Brian Kunath said...

Yeah, you'd think after they pulled this guy into the light of questioning, someone would feed him a few lines.

But what an absolute douchebag! Jon, you or I could have done a better job than Brown and I'm not even trying to exagerate. I mean that totally.

Great article, though. It's full of Brown boners, faux pax and missteps.

Dave said...

I saw an interview with Kurt Vonnegut on NOW, where he said the problem with our government is we have all these educated people without conscience. This FEMA douchebag is a good example. Although I’m not sure if he actually is well educated, because what he said in those emails was just plain dumb.

MO'SH said...

Do you think Brownie was actually picturing some superhero that WOULD actually lift New Orleans out of trouble's way? Did he picture Bush? Did he picture him swallowing his "super pills" and saving New Orleans?