Tuesday, November 22, 2005

On the road.

We're in Ohio right now en route to Chicago. I don't know how consistent my access will be this week so I'm posting whenever I can.

This may seem unamerican, but I don't like driving. As a NYC native I didn't have to get a license until I was 25. And the traffic was so nuts I didn't want to drive in the city.

The second day I had my license I got into an accident. In my mom's car. In a parking lot. The damage was totally superficial so I never mentioned it to my parents. Then a $1000 bill showed up. It taught me a valuable lesson about cars; the slightest bump can cause thousands of dollars of damage.

Unfortunately, it's a lesson that replays in my mind every time I'm behind the wheel. I love our 2003 Beetle and I love how easy it is to drive. But as soon as I see another car in my sights, I see property damage. And I don't trust that car.

Renee and I have a deal. She drives in the city and I drive cross-country. It's usually a good trade but I just got in from three hours of eighteen wheelers. Eighteen wheelers that threaten to push me off the road. Took the fun out of it.

I'll try to keep posting through the holiday.

UPDATE:The driving pussification will end! I drove most of the day and through downtown Chicago today. No adverse reactions as of yet. Oh, and there is wireless acess in one corner of Renee's parents' house. Blogging can continue unabated.


Cromely said...

You need a HellBoy.

Comrade Xavierski said...

You right, socialist comrade!

Un-American you are for not enjoying freedom automobile provides. Americans - HA! Capitalist swines!

Come - let's go to bar and have 'nother vodka shot to forget worries.

Dave said...

Sure its un-american but who gives a shit. Being American these days means driving your SUV, screaming “fuck the French” and watching your daily dose of the 700 club.

As for cars, I've driven autos, trucks, etc. since I was 18 and never thought anything of it. Then I moved to New York, parked my car and used public transportation for four years. Now I’m a car owner again. If I had my druthers I’d opt for public transportation any day of the week. Car’s are a pain in the ass. They need gas, tune-ups and major overhauls if you smash’em up, and then eventually they go to the big scrap heap in the sky. They’re really a dumb idea when you think of it. They’re gonna’ die. Just like death and taxes, its inevitable. I have friends who own flashy cars. They like to polish them up, fine tune them etc. and I wonder why someone would have a good car in the first place. One wrong move and the fender is wrapped around the antenna. I’ll take the N or W any day – thanks.