Friday, November 18, 2005

AFI's 100 Cheers

The American Film Institute is releasing a list of the 100 most inspirational films. Something tells me "Fight Club" won't be on it. Or "Falling Down". That's a shame because those two films sure help me feel better.


dave said...

I sure hope "Evil Dead 2" is on there. Thats one thats got through the high times, low times and all the times in between.

Walker said...

There is but one film, "Billy Jack" It is the only inspirational film for people, with hippie ethics who sometimes have to kick a little ass.

Cromely said...


And Star Crash.

Gene Siskel's Ghost said...

HEY! Where's "They Live"?!?!?!?

How could such a fine piece of cinamatic history be left off a supposed "complete" list?

This is bullshit. I'm calling Rowdy Roddy (and I believe he's STILL all out of bubblegum)!