Monday, March 19, 2007

Star Trek: the Sitcom

You give me some free time, this is what I'll make.



Renee said..., the recycling can be taken out, that kitchen thing your mom gave us for Christmas can be put together....did you put your laundry away yet? :)

This is great! You are insane and very creative! THAT is how you get away with this stuff!

I love it!

Cromely said...

The theme music makes it.

Brian Kunath said...

Now that is fantastic! Such a great, simple idea and well done.

Love it.

Dave said...

Thats damn funny.

Ed Murray said...


Do I get credit for the choice of theme song?!

Ed Murray said...


I like Renee's language. It exposes a fundamental difference in generalized male/female thinking:

The Female Says:
recycling "can" be taken out
kitchen thing "can" be put together

The Male Says:
Of course those things "can" be done.

Things "can" be done all the time.