Thursday, March 29, 2007

Star Trek: the Sitcom update

When I uploaded Star Trek: the Sitcom last week I was hoping for maybe 500 hits. So far it's gotten almost 25,000. Never bet against borrowed interest.

At 5000 hits I was a genius. At 24,000, I'm a douchebag. The internet reviews have gotten harsh. All of a sudden there's a hype I'm not living up to. One viewer said I should be devoured by fire ants. I put a laugh track on three minutes of a Next Generation and I'm getting death threats.

Welcome to fame in the internet age. I was just listening to an interview with Jeph Loeb. He said he got the worst reviews of his life at the end of the Batman story he did with Jim Lee; Hush. They said he simply couldn't write. But then he checked the website. It got about 6000 hits. The book sold 400,000 copies. He figured that's an okay average.

Am I brilliant or a worthless human being? Watch it again and you tell me.


Renee said...

I still love it!

It is great that the more "critics" in the mainstream see this they have an opinion on something they know nothing about....yet folks who have an actual interest in the theme or topic have constructive things to say...people crack me up!

Dave said...

Wow thats fucking brilliant man. I just did a quick search and its all over the place. Wow! Anybody who flames it just wishes they thought of it first. And any asshole who says it defiles Star Trek, should realize you're a pair of spock ears away from being the biggest trekkie ever.

BTW - I just got Wrath of Khan, the Directors Cut for my Birthday.

Cromely said...

And it's back up to 4 stars. The internet is weird.

Jon Clarke said...

Dave it's your birthday? Happy birthday, man!

Brian Kunath said...

I don't think it's possible to get universal acclaim on the Web. There are too many angry do-nothings out there who exist merely to register their displeasure, ala Comic Book Guy.

Everyone's a critic. But only a few create. You're on the good side.

Happy B-day, Dave.

matthewpatrick said...

The redub of the opening credits is brilliant