Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sean in Iraq.

This is my cousin Sean. Last I saw him he was a college kid and acoustic guitar player. This year he joined the Marines and they assigned him to a HummVee near Baghdad. He never felt the need to explain why.

Sean wasn't allowed to bring anything with him but he's been able to pick up a few things over there. He bought a cheap guitar so he can play again and a digital camera so he can show us what he's seeing. His mom says she still talks to him every day. Quite a change from the time when soldiers would be shipped 'over there' and you didn't know if you'd ever hear from them again.

I'm both proud and terrified for him. But somehow, this picture makes me feel better.


eitan said...

Tell him there are a lot of people over here who are appreciative and thankful for what he's doing out there. And tell him to stay safe. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

semper fi ...go get 'em...God bless

Anonymous said...

Tell him thank you.

What does semper fi mean anyway?


Anonymous said...

semper fi means "always faithful"