Monday, November 14, 2005

Born to Run

Nice article on Springsteen's Born to Run here. There's a huge 3 cd/ dvd set that I don't think I need to own but sounds intriguing. I'm not a huge Springsteen fan but he's written a lot of really great songs. He lives up to his hype live too.

Bruce is a funny guy in interviews (his induction speech for U2 at the Rock n' Roll hall of fame is outright hilarious) and he summed up the marathon sessions of Born to Run with a fantastic quote:

"My obsessive/compulsive nature, which crippled me through much of the rest of my life, does come in handy once in a while," said a chuckling Springsteen.


Stevie Ray Gone said...

Bruce's first 3 albums are perfect. The rest, well.....if you don't get the first 3 it is usually because you are an idiot who likes Kiss, or just plain fucking stupid. For you there are bands like Journey,Corn or Limp Biscuit. See you in Hell or at an Arrested Development convention there is no difference!

Brian Kunath said...

Yeah the first three albums are awesome. The second three are also great -- Darkness, The River and Nebraska -- even though they get a little more mellow and lose some of the craziness of the first three. I mostly stopped paying attention after the 80's.

Anonymous said...

Bruce is THE MAN!

His Jerry McGuire work sucked some ass, but usually the guy is dead-on.

Thank you,

(King of Freehold)

Walker said...

New York City Serenade from his first Album is the greatest song ever written. Meeting across the river (owes a lot to Tom Waits) but is so goddam New York it is hard to believe he is from Jersey.

the feeb said...

you know i always thought "tunnel of love" was a great album. shit production but some great writing. it would've been better "nebraska" style.