Friday, September 23, 2005

MTV Unplugged is back!

Chris Rock once said your favorite kind of music is whatever was playing the first time you got laid. Maybe that's why I love the early 90's. Or maybe it's just because the music was so good back then. One reason was MTV Unplugged, where bands were forced to prove themselves on stools, acoustic guitars and some brown curtains in the background.

Unplugged never really got cancelled, it just seemed to disappear. Well now it's back. Alicia Keyes is playing tonight and hopefully it's the beginning of real music coming back to the network.

More importantly, I found a listing of everyone who ever played the show. There's not too many acts they missed. I just wish they'd bring back VH1's Storytellers which even TVTome doesn't seem to remember. The episode with Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash alone is worth it.

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Walker said...

i was a production manager with Unplugged for a while, and storytellers. I mix them up but we did Bowie alone and tom waits both stood out!