Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Don Adams

As you probably know by now, Don Adams passed away at 82. The internet is flooded with stories about 'Get Smart'. I loved that show but I'm surprised no one's mentioning "Inspector Gadget" that Don Adams voiced for most of the 80's.

It was on the Fox affiliate in NY at 3 p.m. every day and when it came on you knew that either you had gone straight home from school or your sick day was officially over. I spent most of the episodes wondering what the hell Gadget was. A cyborg? A robot? Bionic? A mutant? What the hell was he? My 11 year old brain could not wrap around the basic premise of the show but I watched it faithfully.

The other thing that frustrated me was Dr. Klaw. We all wanted to see more than his arm but a vicious rumor went around St. Camillus that they finally showed Klaw in the final episode and wouldn't you know it? It was on when you were out. Whoever spread that lie should be ashamed. Gregory Dennis, I'm looking at you.

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Brian Kunath said...

It's been a long, long time since I last saw Get Smart, but I remember it being hilarious. I'd love to see how it holds up after all these years.

Don Adams had one of the all-time great voices in Hollywood. Sad to hear of his passing.