Friday, September 30, 2005

Comment Contest Winner!

And here is the prize. In keeping with the theme of the contest, the winner will receive one guitar string. No envelope. Can you pick the gauge? Screw you, I pick. It's a .046 D'Addario string, a low 'E' note. Isn't that exciting? Isn't it SOMETHING CRAPPY?

So what won? There were 18 official votes posted. I did get a lot of additional responses on message boards but unfortunately I had to disqualify those from the contest. This blog is only where votes counted to win. And the final tally is:


The winner is AMP! By a wide margin. In fact, Doom tied with people that just wanted to talk about nothing.

So who won? Well, that was tough. We had a lot of strong entries. Even dfx tring to post the same link three times was funny. But Murphy stood out from a very competitive pack. His post was compelling, had an argument all the way through, made a comprimise at one point, and made me laugh four times. Congratulations, Murphy. You win the SOMETHING CRAPPY STRING!!!

But we got a second place! Most of the Dr. Doom votes went a little over the top, which I liked. But doom doom doom doom sneaklily won that category. Why? Because he slipped in his own URL: http://www.jon-is-a-fool-if-he-doesn' which I never saw until I rolled over his name. If he actually had a website he would have won. I have no idea who this is but I'm calling him 'he' since he was assuming the role of Voctor Von Doom. He wins a G.I. JOE GUN. The teeny tiny kind you lose immediately. Congratulations!

Both winners are encouraged to post acceptance speeches. If I get their addresses I will mail out their prizes post haste.

As for me, I've already followed your advice. I've cancelled Doom and bought this on ebay. I'm sure we'll be very happy together. It should be shipping now and you might be able to hear it at our next show. And know, down deep in your heart, that you had something to do with it.

Thanks everyone for playing!


Walker said...

I hope he chokes someone with it! Gangland style.

murphy said...

i won?!? or did amp? huh?

Jon Clarke said...

Yes Murphy. You won. Come get your string.

Wong Online PoKér Hu said...

This is definitely great. Awarding people is awesome. I guess the winner is in cloud nine right now. This is rare feat and something to be proud of.