Thursday, September 22, 2005


Yes, the first official Not in My Book Comment Contest is still running but there's other stuff we can talk about before the deadline.

We were speaking about online comic strips and here's one of the best. I stumbled upon PVP purely by accident but I've been hooked ever since. Scott Kurtz' strip runs in no newspapers I'm aware of and that's a shame. Instead he updates his site every single day with a new strip. He publishes a monthly comic through Image but as far as I know, that consists of entirely different strips (correct me if i'm wrong).

PVP has an admittedly nerdy slant. It focuses on the staff of a video game magazine and most of the jokes center on games, comic books and sci-fi. But it's also grown to include the richest characters since the long lamented Bloom County.Take a look at his site and click the 'back' button. You'll find a thousand more to waste your day.

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