Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Comment Contest

Yesterday was a personal best on this blog. Traffic increased 100% and most of it came from my friends on the guitar boards and my friends on the action figure boards. I think it's great that my two major interests have a place where fans of each can come together.

So I decided to pit you against one another.

As my wife can tell you, I debate purchases and I debate major purchases ad nauseum. I've come to a crossroads about buying something big and I need your help. Strangely enough, one's an action figure and one's a piece of guitar equipment.

This is a Marshall JCM 900 50 watt head. It's been out of production since the 90's and is one of my favorite amps ever made. All tubes, two channels, fantastic volume and will put that Valvestate combo I've had since 1994 right into the ground. Frankly (as some of you have said) my amp is severly lacking compared to the rest of my rig. I agree.

The thing is I don't have a speaker cabinet for it. I don't need a big stack in the house and at practice the studio has its own equipment. This would just be used for gigs where they have cabinets but no heads. It happens a lot. I can get one in good condition on ebay for about $600.

This is Dr. Doom. You guys remember Dr. Doom, he was on my very first post. Victor is a limited edition mixed media piece from Sideshow Toys. He's about 2 feet tall, weighs about 30 pounds and was sculpted by many of the same artists who worked on Lord of the Rings (I believe). That's real cloth in the sculpture.

It's absolutely the best rendition of one of my favorite characters from my all-time favorite comic. I have one on preorder but I haven't been charged yet. He comes out at the end of the year for $300.

So which should I buy? I'm on the fence about this. Now that the band is gigging more I could use a better amp but if I don't get Dr. Doom now I'll never have the chance. And I really can't afford both, considering the amp is double the price of the statue.

I need your help. Just click on the comment link below ( NOT the envelope icon, that's something else). Leave a comment on this blog choosing one and why. Once I decide, the person with the most original post will get a prize. Make sure you include your email and I will contact you for a mailing address. The prize will be infinitely crappier than either purchase but I'll save what it is for later.The winner will be announced Oct. 1.

Reason with me, beg me, yell at me, start a flame war with the other posts, I don't care. Mostly, I want to see a really high number on the comment thread. And if my two interests battle for the championship of my brain, who will win?

Have fun!


dave said...

I would have to go with the amp. The more you put into the music the closer you get to signing that big record contract with Geffen and then you can buy all the figurines you want. In fact, you could build a figurine house that looks just like Dr. Doom, with a toilet in his ass and a lookout tower where his head is. Just think of the possibilities...

The wife said...


I think I am more of a functionality person.....Dr.Doom can come to the gigs, but would not contribute much.....

Hey, does this mean I don't have to hear this debate? or does it mean I get to have daily updates as to the status......
9 days and counting down to Oct 1. :)

Anonymous said...

This is truly pathetic. I like you Jon, I honestly do, but you have some serious psychological problems and I think that you really ought to seek some professional help.

The fact that you want to buy an older guitar amp - even an outdated model that you have no room or studio-use for - is not what bothers me, but rather your uncontrollable (& somewhat uncomfortable) obsession with children’s action figures. (Isn't this how Michael Jackson started out?)

I am deeply disturbed about this whole situation and pray that you are able to overcome this horrible affliction.

dan x.

Is the statue you’re contemplating buying even considered an action figure since it doesn’t even move? Kind of negates the “action” part, doesn’t it?

SamuRon said...

buy me! Doom commands it!

Walker said...

If you get the figure you can look at Doctor Doom, If you get the Amp you can BE Doctor F'ing Doom!

TFitz said...

As cool as that Doom is (and he rocks, and I may get one myself), If you can only afford one, I would get the speaker. Something you can actually use. Doom you will look at every day for a minute and say "wow", but the speaker can help ya sound better while rockin'.

That's just my opinion. Final choice, of course, must be yours.

DOOM said...

Doom must be yours!

Doom commands it!

Doom also thinks that you should ignore dan x, because he obviously has no childlike joy left in his heart, and Doom is a big fan of childlike joy.

Besides, the amp is twice as much.


Doom definitely.

Doom will appreciate over time, while sets on your shelf for your own enjoyment. It is an INVESTMENT that looks fantastic!

A guitar Amp is NOT rare, NOT special, NOT good looking, and is a dime a dozen in comparison. NOBODY cares if it is a "classic" amp at all. You could get by with any amp and your talent will still shine through.

Lastly, if you get Doom, you can take the $300 you saved, and buy a less expensive amp. Then you can have BOTH - you could rock out while looking at your rare, huge, beautiful Doctor Doom statue as it APPRECIATES in your collection.

Don't let others cloud your judgement - you know this to be the smartest decision.

Anonymous said...

Go for tyhe Doom, it will raise in value unlike the amp.. Im a musician and a collector..





AMP said...


sdc said...

first, i'm here from the LPF. that might make you think i'm going to say get the amp. wrong. next, this may be nothing more than semantics but i'll give it a go anyway - "figurine?!" $300, highly skilled craft workers, two feet tall, Dr. Doom! not a "figurine." save "figurine" for precious moments pieces. in time you will have them both. the answer to the question of how many amps, guitars, action figures, memorabilia pieces, comic book collectibles you need will always be the same - just one more. in time you will have them both. the amp will always be available. Dr. Doom may not be. Listen to the Doctor.

KNIVES said...


murphy said...

dr. doom - but ONLY if you make an amp out of him.

owning the the amp says "i rock!"

owning dr doom says "i masturbate - a lot."

Anonymous said...

J -

Found something for your goofy superhero obsession:



Anonymous said... not sure why that last address got cut off...


Anonymous said...


Let's try typing it in then:


Brian Kunath said...

Thank you, dx30. That cartoon was long and full of douche chills. He did the whole song. The whole song.

As for the amp/doll dilemma, let's look at it this way:

Which would Bob Dylan choose?
Which would Richard Jewell choose?

And there's your answer.