Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Oil: Bush's answer to everything

With Hurricane Katrina devastating the south (my friend Jeannie has no idea if her wedding reception hall is still standing) Bush comes to the rescue by opening the federal reserve of oil. Which is perfect for flooding because, umm, oil and water don't mix?

Also, he's planning to visit the hurricane sites by going straight to Washington. Which the hurricane is expected to bypass completely. He may actually go to Louisiana and Mississippi but you know, only if he doesn't get in the way. Leadership in action.


Anonymous said...

It's my belief that the Bush Administration will ultimately be judged on their response to the post-hurricane crisis on the Gulf Coast. And it will be a harsh judgement, at that.

Brian Kunath said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Bush caused the hurricane in the first place!

Brian Kunath said...

I thought I was joking. Turns out I wasn't: