Wednesday, January 18, 2006

New Rubik's Cube record set

Someone solved a Rubik's cube in 11.3 seconds. Amazing how someone can be so fast and yet 25 years too late.


Brian Kunath said...

Funny, I went online last night to check out some monologue jokes for inspiration and came across this Leno bon mot:

A twenty year old student at Cal Tech set a new world’s record when he solved the Rubik’s Cube in eleven seconds. Which, would be pretty impressive if this was 1983.

Ah, Leno. It kills me how funny he used to be as a standup. Remember when he used to go on Letterman in the mid-80s. The exchanges between those two were priceless. And he'd always end the segment with "What's my beef." One of my favorites was his take on Knight Rider. He said he watched an episode where Hasselhof had an evil twin brother. The only difference was that one was wearing a moustache. "And I knew he was his twin brother," Leno snapped, "'Cause taht guy couldn't act either!"

I miss old Leno.

Brian Kunath said...

BTW, from the looks of this photo, the guy solved it blindfolded! Now that's a trick!

Jon Clarke said...

Now I don't know if I'm in good company or scooped.

The wife said...

How does this work blindfolded? How is there even a sub-category for that as a World there a fastest-blinded-mile record? A fattest-blindfolded-cat record?

This little loop-hole could have saved Bobby and Cindy some trouble with that see-saw record ploy.....they only needed blindfolds!

Walker said...

He did the cube by accident, he came there to "Pin a tail" on a mother fucking donkey"

cromely said...

I think a friend saw that show in Tijuana.