Monday, January 09, 2006


I like Lost a lot. I think out of all the shows that try to be the next X Files, this one fares the best. Having Terry O'Quinn on the cast certainly helps.

But what is going on down there? Drunk driving, illigitimate children, robberies at gunpoint? What are these people, sociopaths?

You know who I blame? I blame Hawaii. That's right. They shoot the show down there and it makes them all loopy.

I love Hawaii. Renee and I spent our first anniversary there last year. I still have a ukelele case from there that smells oddly like skunk. But the place is just too laid back. Everyone is so damn comfortable that you just want to drive crazy, father illigitimate children and get robbed. Because the only reaction you'll get is, "Hey, Mahalo!"

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The wife said...

I think I would be drinking and driving if I were stranded on that island halfway during the series with the killing and sneak attacks.

....they didn't have much to college kids in, sex, party.

Poor Sawyer.....