Friday, January 06, 2006

The Lonely Island

By now, I'm sure you've at least heard about Lazy Sunday on Saturday Night Live. It's a hilarious gangsta rap that covers the Chronicles of Narnia, Magnolia cupcakes and Mapquest. The short film went unnoticed on the air but has become a sensation online. They're calling it a new lease on life for the show and another of those moments where they hand the show to the new kids.

Dave W. and I did a little digging though and found out it was written by the guys from The Lonely Island. Yeah, I had no idea who they were either but they were an L.A. comedy group that mainly created short films on the web. From the strength of their website, they were all picked up by SNL. Two are writers and the third, who appears in the short with Chris Parnell, is a featured player. Their success is a clear signpost that there are other ways to get noticed in sketch comedy than just the big improv schools (which is hope for all of us who bombed in improv 101). Check out their site and you'll find a lot more stuff which is just as strong.

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