Sunday, January 29, 2006

All Hail Andrew Torres!

Last night we went to NY Comedy Club to see Andrew's debut as a stand-up comedian. Over the last two weeks, he and I started doing open mikes again. Neither of us had done stand-up on a stage in about five years but with Play Cole getting stronger, we wanted to do more comedy. While I started writing and rewriting, he immediately booked a showcase. Pretty ballsy and it paid off.

We spent all of MLK day working out our acts. And last night Andrew didn't do a single joke from it. Somehow, in one week, he managed to make the leap it takes most comedians years to approach. He was comfortable, autobiographical and KILLED. He says the key is to give the audience something that no one else can. And it's not jokes about Paris Hilton.

Congratulations, Andrew. You can officially be called a comedian. Now let's shoot some more films.


Brian Kunath said...

I was really impressed with Andrew's performance last night. There were some funny, polished comics up there and on his third performance, Andrew was among the best.

Keep at it, Andrew. You'll be doing it on TV before we know it.

Cromely said...

That's awesome. When will the clip be on Shorties watchin Shorties?