Monday, January 23, 2006

ABC finds Reasons Why Not

When I was a kid, the biggest t.v. failure ever was a show called "South of Sunset". It lasted three episodes and Letterman joked about it for six months.

Now ABC has outdone it by canceling "Emily's Reasons Why Not" after one episode. This is after promoting the hell out of it. There are giant billboards promoting the show in Times Square as we speak. In the spot where "Karen Sisco" used to be. Okay, bad example.

We're entering a scary age of tv. A year from now, new shows will be cancelled at the first commercial break and replaced with a half a "Seinfeld". No one will notice.

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Dave said...

Actually, the future doesn't look all that bad. Most tv shows made today suck, so by your estimation, we should all be watching "Seinfeld" Monday thru Friday. Not a bad deal.