Monday, January 30, 2006

All Hail Thad-Rock!

It's been a good week for good friends. One of my oldest and closest friends is Thaddeus Schneider, who's been working as an actor for years. I based a character on him for my first screenplay and once the script went to a film festival, we both used it on our resumes. Walker's talked about him on his blog before, too.

Thad-Rock has been working on an independent film for the last year or so and just sent me the dvd cover. Here it is (Thaddeus is the guy with the gun to his head):


Walker said...

Thad-Rock is a true New York original.....He can do anything he wants to in a film business clogged with mediocre,vain, yet blank page people.The same goes for you comedy army. He is good, but Barney in "Raging Fred" now that is oscar material.

The Wife said...

Way to go Thad-Rock! I will GET TIVO just for his Oscar speech!