Monday, October 24, 2005

San Francisco 2: Redwoods

These are giant trees. They have them here.

We woke up and took a walk around the neighborhood the first day. After a full night’s sleep, the streets weren’t scary anymore. In fact, San Francisco looked like a different place every block. This one looks like Seattle, the next Brooklyn, the next Chicago, the next Houston. I have yet to figure out the natural style of the city.

Stumbled upon a comic store that looked like an old local toy store. Seriously, they had LEGOs, plush dolls and Milton Bradley games. I found it comforting.

Renee’s brother Richie picked us up and drove us all out to Muir Woods. It’s a place you expect to find Ewoks. Since Skywalker Ranch is only an hour away, it’s evident that either Lucas filmed here or got the idea looking out his window. We hiked a couple of miles and spent most of that time coming up with ideas for sketches and horror movies. I guess the beauty of nature is lost on me.

Richie caught himself a nice fever so that was the last we saw of him. We spent the night seeing a local sketch troupe, Uphill Both Ways. Good stuff and while not improv, was very different from what we’re attempting with Play Cole. One of the guys Dave McKew, was especially helpful, giving Brian and I fantastic advice over lunch the next day. If you’re in town I definitely recommend checking them out.


Walker said...

Ozzy pissed on the Alamo and Kid Narc lets it fly on a mighty Redwood. I am going to have to shit on Teddy at Rushmore! Thad-Rock just wrote his name on the tomb of the unknown soldier.

Dave said...

Did you happen to see Mort Normstein the blind traveler? He thinks he's in Hawaii now, but is really in Frisco. Be on the look out for him and get some tape of him if you can.