Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Brain dump

I've just finished a personal writing project I've been working on for the last 15 months so I'm a bit fried at the moment. More than that, I'm relieved. There were times I didn't think I'd see the end of it. We'll talk about it some more if it becomes something. Right now I'd like to not think.

Until my brain comes back, let's all dance on the grave of reality television.


Cromely said...

Reallity TV really seems to break into several different categories now.

1) The competitive show. Here we have things like Surviror, The Apprentices, Fear Factor, and the like. Last year there were too many of those. This year, with fewer on the schedule, they may have some chance of recovery.

From what I've seen of the Martha Stewart Apprentice show, they are really doing a mirror image of Trump's show. Even the opening montage and cut scenes are they same. They just swapped hosts and boardrooms. That's it. And that's the problem.

I've ranted about this before, but the surest way to make a sequel that sucks is to remake the first movie. That's what gave us crap like Men In Black 2 and Blues Brothers 2000 (BB2K). Martha's show should have been inspired by Trump's but different from it.

Okay. Back to what I was saying.

2) The second type of show is the uplifting, improve someone's life show. This seems to be the type of show that is growing most these days. Stand outs in this genre include Queer Eye for the Straigh Guy (and you can attribute the terrible failure of Queer Eye for the Straight Girl to the same BB2K theory above) Trading Spaces, Extreme Home Makeover, etc. The new 3 Wishes show seems to fall into this category. What not to wear falls into here two, but it's not as good. These show walk a fine line between the inspriational and the cheesy. Too cheesy and the fall apart. They can also easily fall into the third type or reality show. Nanny 911 almost does this, but I think it still falls to number 2.

3) The Freak Show. Here is where we see reality shows that seem focused on the side show. Wife Swap comes to mind. Much of FOX's reallity schedule falls into this section. Here is where the stuff can get painful to watch. I think Biggest Loser falls into this character. I know it's trying to be inspirational, but it still seems to have disproportionate sideshow freak thing going. My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss fell into this category, as did Average Joe, the obnoxious fiance show and others. There is some over lap with other categories, naturally. I'm not sure whether Big Brother belongs in this category or on the competition category.

Regardless, this seems to be the category that is experiencing the quickest decline.

In brief:

Category 1) Find out what you've got

Category 2) Bring out the best that already within you

Category 3) What the hell is wrong with your? Let's watch and laugh

Walker said...

As bad as reality T.V. is, and IT IS, Film is the most mediocre genre. These morons are heralded and rewarded infinately. I will also add the C.D burner and Mp3 file allowing every horrible no-talent the ability to distribute the nonsense. In as close back as the 90's a record deal meant something C.D's and records were for the dedicated pro's and Demo tapes for those trying to reach the next level, which makes sense. The ability to be heard was there and the reward of making it.

The wife said...

I think people still like to see how bad others are so they can feel better about themselves...sort of a Category 3 with a Category 2 chaser....

I still love the "improvement" shows: Monster House, What not to Wear, BBC's While you were Out

But, trash TV still attracts me! I do with a dose of has-beens; that show on VH1 where the has beens live together is funny! But one of those and I am good for 3 months.