Thursday, October 13, 2005

Howard Beach is guilty again.

So one of the guys plead guilty to the racial attack in June. You wanna tell me why this happened again? Didn't we just get out of a decade where the chant "Howard Beach" could be used in the place of "Attica"?

If you were in New York City in the late '80's you watched your ass. If you liked Public Enemy, you didn't go into Howard Beach. If you liked Tony Toni Tone you stayed out of Bed-Stuy. I was a Guns n' Roses fan so I watched my ass everywhere I went.

But I had a lot of friends in Howard Beach. Good friends I still have twenty years later when most people have dropped off the radar. None of them were involved in racial attacks. None of them were plotting racial attacks. Most of them just wanted to drink beer and listen to Black Sabbath. Oh yeah, and avoid John Gotti. But because of four idiots in 1986, they couldn't tell people where they were from.

Then the media showed up. Al Sharpton marched. They made a fucking tv movie about it. I believe it was shot in Chicago. And it starred Daniel J. Travanti. Basically, it took a very long time to get rid of the stigma.

Now it all happens again. It's a wonderful study of morons not learning a lesson that was drilled into them for two decades. So let's say you're a horrible racist. Let's say you're pure evil and you can't control it. Let's say you just have to beat on someone that's a different color than you. Because you're evil, like I said. You can't take your victims over the bridge to Broad Channel? Jesus.

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