Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Bush's latest decision

How do you top a Supreme Court justice who seemingly has no views on the issues or at least keeps them to himself? Simple. You pick someone who's not a judge at all.


Brian Kunath said...

Bill Maher says that George W. must know only about five people, because he picks from the same group for all of the high-level jobs. This would be another fine example of that.

Right up there with appointing soccer mom/campaign advisor Karen Hughes as the terrorism czar.

Walker said...

F George Bush, F Politicians anyone who believes in them has to be stupid. Bill Maher is a Jerk-off too....he'd say anything just to keep his hand in some playmate's undies. They could make Beetlejuice a judge and it would change nothing. The rich stay rich and the poor get god. Gore,Bush take your pick of spoiled oil baron spawn,with those phony ivy league educations that are bought and sold like hot-dogs at a ball game. (Go click the batman link)!

KNIVES said...

Bring back H.Ross Perot.