Thursday, October 06, 2005

Reverend calls Harry Potter gay

Oh, I love this. Seems in London, a Reverend Graham Taylor gave a talk at a school that completely degenerated. After discussing his own book to the delighted 12 year olds, he began to rant against his competitor, calling Harry Potter 'gay' and a 'wimp'. He was assaulting the medium of television before the teachers hauled him off.

I don't find the homophobia funny. What I do like is this guy ranting and raving in front of a class until the teachers had to step in. That is classic comedy and I wish I had seen it. My favorite part is where he says he was joking (the lamest excuse for offending people ever). He was quoting 'Little Britain' which is very popular in England. On the telly. You know, that medium you just called 'crap'.


Brian Kunath said...

That's so great. He's using his position as a priest to righteously condemn the competition. Touche, Father!

KNIVES said...

I'm a bit confused. Does that mean he likes Harry or not?

Walker said...

Knives is dull, not to mention Gay!