Monday, October 10, 2005

Ashlee Simpson sings again

Why did we let this happen? SNL let Ashlee Simpson back on to sing Saturday. Fifteen years ago Milli Vanilli was so humiliated that one of them shot himself directly after making a VH1 Behind the Music. But Ashlee Simpson? Oh, go on kiddo, try it again. After all, her sister is untalented and famous, that's got to mean something.

Is the marketing machine so powerful that even if we expose the untalented they won't go away? Sometimes I feel that the media lives without us. They decide who we like and if we don't like them, well no one notices.


qner said...

I think you're missing the point. The reason Ashlee Simpson is on SNL again is because she was caught lip synching last time. The idea is that everyone will want to see what happens this time, which means they'll be watching SNL.

A lot has changed in the entertainment industry since Milli Vanilli were exposed. Then, a scandal killed your career. Now, it's point of entry into reality TV.

Butchie Pansdown said...

Thanks for the head's up Captain Obvious, next qner is going to tell me McDonalds is bad for me.

Captain Obvious said...

Actually, not only is McDonalds bad for you but TV causes ADD, if you masturbate you'll go blind and listening to Kenny G can cause massive migraines and possible brain damage.