Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Comics and girls

I keep coming back to this article by Johanna Stokes about introducing your girlfriend to comics. Maybe it's because Renee has loved some comics and sci-fi and hated others and I want to know why. Maybe it's because I'm wondering what percentage of comic fans are willing to share their comics anyway. Or maybe it's just the picture of Johanna Stokes.


Dave said...

Man, thats a tough one. I've found that when you dating a chick and you want to let her in on the comic scene, you drop into a conversation to see how she feels. If replies, "Comics are for nerds!!!" you dump her ass immediately. Also, I've found that cool chicks read Sandman and maybe Bone. Nowadays, comics (and porn mind you) are more socially acceptable. A comic guy just needs to find the right receptive babe to swap stories of pulp related action and adventure. Fear not true believers, she awaits you at Midtown comics and her name might even be Sara. excelsior!

The wife said...

This is a good story! Not only well written, but practical!!!

A few things made me laugh out loud too...I really like Bone btw! but..."If you dumped all 101 volumes on her at once she could easily become overwhelmed. This will be true for all future endeavors in getting her immersed in the comic world so make a mental note."

I will pretend this paragraph did not apply to our life:
"Let's first assume you haven't completely turned her off of comics by pushing her into the deep end of the pool with no water wings and annoyed her to pieces by staring at her wide-eyed and expectantly as she read "Uncanny X-Men #137" and then tried to explain to her the deep and profound history of the Dark Phoenix saga. She. Doesn't. Care. And it's unfair to expect her to. If you've already gone and blown it, go sit in the corner. I'll get to you later. "

Let us try steps my love, baby steps!