Friday, December 12, 2008

Monica Update

My sister just posted this on her blog:

Dad's had no positive changes in the past 24 hours. He's going in this morning for an invasive procedure (Swan Ganz catheter) that will directly measure the pressure on his heart. He's getting so much fluid that they need to be better able to monitor his heart.

They're hoping for some positive change by this afternoon. As of now, things are very serious, and I believe he's in critical condition. All thoughts and prayers you can spare are much needed!


She just updated with something a little more positive:

Dad's on an upswing, but he's been on a rollercoaster so there could be more drama to follow. He's more alert and he actually.....wait for it...... DANCED (wiggled his head arms and feet) when asked how he was feeling! Yep! He's trying to communicate but has the ventilator in so he's getting frustrated. Where's the speech pathology dept when you need them?! :)

His heart rate is high but his blood pressure is improving. Once he's stable, they can give him medicine to reduce more swelling. He will probably be on the ventilator for another day or so. He's running a fever, which is to be expected with the sepsis. He's sleeping a lot but is quite alert when he IS awake. These are all good signs! He's definitely not out of the woods yet, but it's looking better.

We'll be heading down tomorrow afternoon. Siobhan is singing with her theater group at a breakfast with Santa that ends around 1:00. We'll check in to the hotel and I'll go see Dad for a quick visit. He's really not up for visitors at all but he gets that his kids NEED to see him so he'll tolerate my presence for a short while, i'm sure. Then we'll try to take mom out for a little R&R and maybe even a pint of something yummy.

I'm bringing the laptop and i do have my new iphone :p so I'll update the blog while we're in MD. Hopefully i'll have more positive news to post!

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Heather said...

hey guys,
Just a short note to say I am thinking of you and hoping for better things to come. I'll be checking back for updates, stay positive...