Monday, December 22, 2008

Maximum Playlist

I drove to Baltimore alone. The day after Christmas, I'll be driving to Chicago alone. That's 35 hours in the car this month alone. So I needed a good playlist. I decided I was going to take the cheesy plunge. I would do my all time favorite songs.

I had two rules. The first was it would need to be a song that I'd want to play again as soon as I heard it. And I would limit myself to one song per band (I broke that rule five times).

Not all these songs are big hits. Not all are my favories now. But all of them got me through tough times. If any of these songs are a complete mystery to you, check them out. It's easy enough to do it for free nowadays.

I Am The Walrus Beatles
Sympathy For The Devil Rolling Stones
20% Amnesia Elvis Costello
Just Radiohead
Straight Outta Compton N.W.A
Heart Shaped Box Nirvana
I Don't Wanna Grow Up Tom Waits
A Quick One, While He´s Away The Who
Gigantic Pixies
Devil's Right Hand Johnny Cash
Mary Jane's Last Dance Tom Petty
Ballad of a Thin Man Bob Dylan
Whipping Post Allman Brothers Band
Backwater Meat Puppets
Ocean Size Jane's Addiction
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) Metallica
Sleep Now in the Fire Rage Against the Machine
The Raiders March John Williams
Mad About You Sting
Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd
For The Love Of God Steve Vai
Tropicalia Beck
Country Boy Albert Lee & Hogan's Heroes
Change It Stevie Ray Vaughan
Big Bang Baby Stone Temple Pilots
Panic In Detroit David Bowie
In My Darkest Hour Megadeth
God Only Knows Beach Boys
Black Hole Sun Soundgarden
Bullet With Butterfly Wings Smashing Pumpkins
Stratford-on-Guy Liz Phair
Ain't No Sunshine Bill Withers
Honesty Billy Joel
Truth Hits Everybody Police, The
Stranger Than Fiction Bad Religion
Sure Shot Beastie Boys
Swlabr Cream
Batman Theme Danny Elfman
Hand of Doom Black Sabbath
We Gotta Get Out of This Place Animals
Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black) Neil Young
Hit The Road Jack Ray Charles
You Ought To Know Alanis Morissette
No One Knows Queens of the Stone Age
Screamager Therapy?
Otherside Red Hot Chili Peppers
Maybe I'm Amazed Paul McCartney
1941 Harry Nilsson
Bad U2
Space Lord Monster Magnet
It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) Bob Dylan
Mr. Brownstone Guns N' Roses
I Can't Get Next to You Temptations
The Road I Must Travel The Nightwatchman
Tears of a Clown Smokey Robinson
Talkin' All That Jazz Stetsasonic
In The Summertime Roger Miller
Hey Bulldog Beatles
Five to One Doors
The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme) John Williams
Circle Sky Monkees
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) Jimi Hendrix
Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad Derek and The Dominos
Time After Time Cyndi Lauper
I Was Made To Love Her Stevie Wonder
Thunder Road Bruce Springsteen
Can't Change Me Chris Cornell
Shade Grove Mudcrutch
Unchained Van Halen
Ophelia The Band
Clambake Elvis Presley
Spiritual Johnny Cash
Jimmy Jazz The Clash
Ooh la La Faces
Would? Alice In Chains
MidLife Crisis Faith No More
Master Of Puppets Metallica
What's This? Nightmare Before Christmas
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams Green Day
The Chain Fleetwood Mac
Porch Pearl Jam
Ace of Spades Motörhead
Paint It Black Rolling Stones

That's 83 songs. Over 5 and a half hours of music. I should do fine.

What's your playlist?


dave said...

Awesome list. The only surprise was no Neil Diamond? What could be better then rockin' down the road to Cracklin Rosie' or America!

Renee said...

Unfortunatly, those are songs Renee loves to listen to on the road...she needs some good-old Americana tunes to keep her drivin'...therefore, he most likely will reserve those for family road trips...before demands of Raffi hit. :)

Cromely said...

One of my long standing road trip music rules is that road trips should always begin with Meatloaf's Bat Out of Hell album. I wore out a few cassettes in college.

Jon Clarke said...

Yes, I know, Bill. I drove cross country with you once.