Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Axl Update

Dad had his exploratory yesterday. they drained some fluid so he's feeling better. Looks like the big operation will be Friday. But so far, he's ok.

Axl Rose however, is not okay. He's mad at Dr. Pepper.

Wonder if Tim Warner is also mad at Dr. Pepper?


Cromely said...

You're Dad should take the name Axyl and bring honor to it in a way Mr. Rose never could.

Then you can go to parties and introduce your son, Ben, and your Dad, Axyl.

Hmmm. Will Renee let you call her Slash?

Renee said...

Ben would!

Renee said...

BTW - Jerry's surgery is 1st thing on Friday with a recovery of 4-7 days after. They removed 2 liters of fluid on Monday; that is a whole bottle of Dr. Pepper!

Although he was not chatty when I called, it was good to talk with him!