Monday, June 11, 2007

Sopranos Finale

If all David Chase wanted was to defy audience expectations, it was a rousing success. If all the audience wanted was closure, it was frustrating waste of time.

After last week's explosive episode, everyone was led to believe this would be a bloodbath. Instead it was the most subdued episode this season. Half of the characters were written out earlier so last night took its time with the remainder. I wouldn't have guessed we'd spend so much time with A.J. or the FBI agent. Uncle Junior's senility and Paulie's superstitions had been well covered earlier this season but revisited. And for some reason, this final episode set up new threads rather than tie up old ones.

I imagine the final scene will be as controversial and hotly debated as the Seinfeld finale. Personally, I'm just glad I was never emotionally invested in the series. I watched it solely for plot. Too bad the final episode had none.

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Renee said...

Many comments I heard yesterday [Monday] morning were positive; now everyone HATES it!

I was a bit disappointed, but I am glad it is over after all this time.

My thoughts: Tony may escape death one more time, now that Phil is dead; the wife is waiting for Tony to be killed; AJ is still and always will be a spoiled-brat loser; Meadow is and always will be a spoiled-brat could-have-been-a-winner-but-too-selfish-to-follow-through; Janice is and always will be a spoiled-brat b*&%$, Cil will live and take the Bing to new heights; that cat is supposed to be Adrianna; Junior is faking it and will die poor just to not give-up his stash; and everyone else is just waiting for someone else to come along and tell them what to do.

It was a fun show to watch, but RIP.