Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hellboy: Blood and Iron

The dvd is out today and it delivers on its promise. It's better than Sword of Storms.

The first animated movie was good but episodic and too weird for its own good. It had a giant turtle man with a water bowl head in it. This film is more what I expected. It's a moody vampire tale set in an old castle. There are nods to Mignola's classic "Wake the Devil". In the first five minutes Hellboy fights a minotaur in a sewer. Any Hellboy fan should feel comfortable here.

The dvd is once again loaded with features. There's a commentary with Mike Mignola and directors Tad Stones and Vic Cook that's so enlightening it's worth listening to immediately after the film. There are two comics, one digital and one insterted in the package. A robust making of documentary is a welcome sight. There's even a new Hellboy short based on Mignola's "The Iron Shoes". And if you go to Best Buy, you'll get an exclusive bonus, a 6 inch superposeable Hellboy action figure. Three guesses where I got my copy.

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