Thursday, June 14, 2007

Drucker Won!

Mike Drucker won the PIXAR Ratatouille Contest!! He'll be flown to L.A. on Monday where he'll do a spot at the L.A. Improv. Three comics will perform and if he wins that, he'll open for Jeaneane Garafalo and Patton Oswalt in a theater the next night.

Thanks to everyone who voted for him.


Mike Drucker said...

Thank you, Jon.

Some day when I get to open for you, you'll say, "Oh, who won the funny contest now, motherfucker?"

And I'll be like, "I'll get you your coffee, sir."

And you'll be like, "Yes. Yes you will. And get it right this time."

But I won't get it right. Because I hate you.

I really do love you, though.

Renee said...

Drucker Rocks! He will Rock LA too!!

Tell Patton we said Hello!

Monica said...

Ha ha ha!!! Drucker, you rule! Have a great time & a great set in LA!

Hoopachoo said...

Awesome!! Drucker is the man - and I hope he takes it all.