Monday, June 25, 2007

Norm and Conan

Norm Macdonald may be the funniest man alive and this may be the funniest thing he did. Watch him ruin Conan's interview with Courtney Thorne-Smith. And yes there's a reason that's a picture of Carrot Top.


Brian Kunath said...

I remember seeing this when it origianlly aired. It's so classic. Not just Norm, but Conan as always has some hilarious shit to say.

Chairman of the bored is genius.

But so is the observation that the one time they let Carrot Top star in a comedy movie, they take away his only comic gimmick. hahaha.

Norm should cohost with Conan. I'd watch every night.

Ed Murray said...

I just lost about $20 on a poker hand ... but I didn't care b/c I was laughing at Chairman of the Bored.

Alex Grubard said...

Joke's on Norm though, because Chairman of the Board became one of the great cinema classics. It comes out on Criterion Collection next week.