Friday, June 22, 2007

Fantastic Four Theme Song

If you wondered who in their right minds would have animated that Human Torch song, it was from the 1995 Fantastic Four animated series. When X-Men and Spider-Man hit in the mid 90's, Marvel wanted all their properties to have animated series that could sell action figures. No matter how sloppily done. This show was paired with Iron Man and aired early Sunday mornings. It was awful but it served its purpose as each show got a figure line that ran for years. I was grateful to finally get a Galactus.

The show was so bad that everyone was fired after the first thirteen episodes. Only the voices of Ben,, Reed and Sue remained for the second season. Larry Houston from X-Men came on board and started from scratch. That season was a decent adaptation of the best of Kirby and Byrne and the only reason I bought the dvds.

How bad was the first season? They had Johnny sing once but this theme song played EVERY WEEK.

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