Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I'm on Gotham Radio!

Music and comedy aren't an easy mix. Anyone who's rolled their eyes at the musical guest on SNL can tell you that. The worst show I ever did was at the intermission of a music gig. So I wasn't too excited when Billy the Kid invited me to the Waltz Astoria to do a set. But it was a folk show in a coffee house. Where people like to listen.

Billy had a great set which was recorded for Gotham Radio. I did really well but I didn't expect to be on the radio show myself. And yet, here I am.

Listen to the show!


Renee said...

I could not get around cyberfuzz to listen at work, but I know it was a good set with a great reaction from the audience! Very cool that you were selected out of the 356 comics performing that night!

Too bad they are closed this Wed. :)

LDK in STL said...

I listened! It was fun background listening while I wrote a letter of recommendation for someone.

Dave said...

Awesome man. You got balls for staying with it. Don't stop.

Mark said...

nice job, man.