Friday, May 04, 2007

Pour Man's Comedy

Last night Meghan Hanley offered me a spot at the Pour House. Drucker and I got there at 10 and the place was jammed. There was a pub crawl happening so you could barely move in the place. Looked to be a fantastic crowd.

There was only one problem; they were too drunk to listen. Jokes would get a laugh halfway through the next setup. They would stare and sway while you were doing crowd work. A curtain separated the comics from the rest of the bar. Drunks would peek their heads in but not take a step into the show. It was like being in first class. Everyone wants to know what you're doing but no one dares become a part of it.

The p.a. cut through the rest of the bar. I told them I was the ghost of Abraham Lincoln and they should take off their tops. That got a drunken scream but didn't win them over.

Halfway through my set they all crawled out to the next bar. We did the rest of the show was done for two friends of Jimmy Q. Comics got closer and closer to them until they hovered over their seats.

And yet it was awesome. The energy was right and everyone had a great time. Even the dj thought we were funny. We went home at 1 a.m. feeling like we killed for two people.

And that is comedy.

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Anonymous said...

That is funny but I was playing guitar in a bar in Howard Beach and I left feeling like 2 people were about to get killed.....Walker