Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Batman 2: LEGO

Renee loves LEGO. I love Batman. So when LEGO announced they acquired the Batman license last year, we were both interested. With the baby coming, we cracked. We bought and built a little Arkham Asylum, figuring it will still be compatible when our child's old enough. It should be, considering these bricks were made in 1961.

"Star Wars" changed LEGO when they partnered in 1999. That line was so successful that it spawned cg animated films and video games in the LEGO style. Batman has followed suit. The video game will be out in 2008 but this short introduced the line. Batman can't get any cuter than this.


Cromely said...

They fired Penguins out the torpedo tubes. Probably some of the cutest weapons ever developed.

Renee said...

I love how they show the LEGO bricks come down to make the modes of transport and such! Very cool [for the CG, the story and the LEGOs]!

Good thing we are having a baby...that room may have become the LEGO room!