Thursday, May 24, 2007

Batman 4: The New Adventures of Batman

I'm a Batman fanatic and I barely remember this. In 1977 Adam West and Burt Ward reunited as voice actors in a new Batman animated series. "The New Adventures of Batman" ran 13 episodes but now it's coming out on dvd. At the time "Superfriends" was still airing so I imagine a second series wasn't looked upon favorably by fans (much like JLU viewers hated the arrival of "The Batman").

It looks awful, thanks to the addition of Bat-Mite to the cast. Though the opening titles didn't help. Anyone know why the characters are pitching a show you're already watching?

Yeah, I'm buying it.

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Cromely said...

It seems a bunch of the 70s cartoons spent their entire intro telling you what the shw was about and why you should watch it. They did the same thing with HeMan and, I think, Captain Caveman.