Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Buddy Rich

"If you're not having fun out there, then fuck you!"

It took some doing, but I finally found the infamous Buddy Rich tapes online. Buddy was an incredible jazz drummer but he saved his greatest beatings for his band.

Jerry Seinfeld was obsessed with this tape and you can hear it quoted in several episodes of his sitcom (George telling moviegoers "I'm gonna show you what it's like!" or Frank Costanza translating Korean into "This guy is not my kind of guy"). I personally ripped off "I'm gonna show you what it's like" in "William Shatner on the Muppet Show". But now I've finally heard the original. I'm adding this to Orson Welles and Paul Anka in the holy trilogy of celebrity screaming.

There are four mp3's here

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psaur said...

Be sure to check out the "Celebrities at Their Worst" CD's, they are priceless. I'm sure you can download everything off them now. And the one with Judy Garland dictating her memoirs is pretty funny, too, but better yet try to find the download of Howard Stern listening to it and commenting...