Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tom DeLay

I now know how the Bush administration gets away with six years of blatant corruption and incompetance. It’s all thanks to short term memory. I’m a perfect example; a product of my generation. I want to be more political. I want to like Rage Against the Machine more than Audioslave. I just can’t keep these facts in my head.

I was so fucking glad when Tom DeLay resigned and I have no idea why. I just hear the words Tom DeLay and I go, “Oh. Fucking bastard.” I know it was connected to something once but it just can’t find any room in my brain between the Fantastic Four and Star Trek Deep Space Nine. That’s my problem and I know I have to live with it.

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Dave said...

Just knowing that he's a fucking bastard is good enough. Now, if we could just get rid of the other fucking bastards, the rest of us bastards would have a fucking chance to do something right for a change.