Sunday, April 23, 2006

And it never stopped raining

Last night was eventful. First I went to see Hector Luis over at the Improv Comedy cafe, which looked remarkably like this:

As you can see, he killed. After a performance like that, he deserved to celebrate. So I dragged him down to the Bowery to see Walker perform. That turned out to be a great idea.

I've been watching Walker for about twenty years now. I've been there as he's gone from backyard barbecues to a rock singer with a record contract to a singer-songwriter phase. And last night was Walker at his peak. He had the strongest band behind him he's ever had, with old friends like Ed Klinger and Eddy Joe pounding the rhythm section. The set was filled with covers but somehow they made them their own.

It's great to see people doing what they love not for money or recognition but for the experience of doing it as well as they can. That's a spirit that I don't see enough but last night it was in abundance.

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Walker said...

Thanks Jon, for the kind know I love music.