Sunday, April 09, 2006

10 Reasons Billy Joel still rules

1. He lets his roadie do AC/DC covers. During the set.
2. He looks like my dad. I'm not sure when that happened.
3. He makes Las Vegas feel like Queens.
4. The MGM Grand has the most inefficient method of evacuating 12,000 people I've ever seen. No reflection on Billy, it just needed to be said.
5. He played 45 minutes longer than he should have. Pissed off the venue but made the audience happy.
6. He can't drive.
7. When he's not playing piano, he plays an awesome PRS.
8. When he's not playing guitar, he throws the mike stand around a lot.
9. "Pressure".
10.He banged Christie Brinkley.

UPDATE: Here's the set list from the show.

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