Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Back from Vegas

It was a long flight home but the weekend was obviously worth it. As soon as I got back I got a show for tonight. You can see it here:

Jimmy's No 46
7th Street b/w 2nd and 3rd

8pm Sharp. Doors open @7:30

No Cover. No Drink Minimum. Just Comedy.

I've got another coming next week if you need to clear your schedule first. I'll post the details about that later but in the meantime here's both the coolest and nerdiest moment of my Vegas trip in one image:


The wife said...

It is a nice picture...

Walker said...

That is it, relax explore your inner nerd.....not to mention the outer nerd. Holy crap! Captain Clark!

nippleprint said...

I think your clothes have to be a lot tighter to *really* own the Captain's Chair. Nice picture, though. Is it poster size?

Mark Feigenson said...

Welcome back, my friend. Vegas kicks ass, doesn't it?