Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My television debut tonight!

Will you be up very late?
Do you live in Manhattan?

Me neither, but if you did you could see me doing stand-up at 1 a.m. tonight on "Manny Manhattan News". Manny's a comic who hosts a show on public access once a week. He taped a few of our sets last week and just told me he's using mine in his show tonight. Apparantly you can also see it online here but you have to click on ch. 57. Oh, and be up at 1 a.m. But log on and you can see my long-awaited television debut!

(Actually, my television debut was in 1992 standing behind Jane Pratt on her ill fated talk show making some rather concerned faces. But even I don't think that counts.)

UPDATE: Oh yeah. That was one of my 'let's experiment with really weird material that may or may not fit me' nights. Most of that has been dropped or reworked. Didn't think Manny was going to use it all. If you managed to see it, please scroll down and watch my Youtube performance. It'll wash that memory nice and clean.


Brian Kunath said...

Awesome! I'll be sure to watch it when I get home--which judging by work, should be around 1am.

Congrats! Look forward to watching you perform!

Brian Kunath said...

Except that I just noticed that it's in Manhattan. Curses!

murphy said...

Congratulations! Do you get residuals?